July 27, 2021

Practice Marketing – The Money is in the List

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One very successful practice marketing technique is opt-in emails. Since it is a personalized message or newsletter carrying information that the client has requested he is also looking for it and is sure to read it.

What is the source for an email list? Who are the people looking for your services? How will you create your email list?
Here are some tips on opt-in email list building:

  • 1.   Talk openly about your practice. It’s an important aspect of practice marketing. Publish newsletters, e-brochures, books etc. on a regular basis and people will want to know more. Once they know what you do they will sign up your online form to reveal their email address to get more information.
  • 2.   Your website should make an offer of sending information to the readers email address in case he is interested. For example a nephrologist who has a private practice can offer to send e-brochures regarding the functioning of the kidney and ways to take care of it.
  • 3.   The content in your website should be of good quality and keep the reader engrossed. This prompts him to read your emails regularly or else you might be spammed.
  • 4.   It should also feature the opt-in email address form prominently. Is it easily accessible? If it is a tedious process people get put off so simplify the form filling process.
  • 5.   When you address a gathering regarding your work make the speech so attractive that people will want to learn more and will willingly give you their email addresses. Remember your money is in it.
  • 6.   Your regular clients might be willing to divulge information. When they approach you for a consultation you can get them to fill up a form to give you their personal details and also their email addresses. A column in the form can ask for reference emails too.
  • 7.   Whatever the method you use for your practice marketing, remember to live up to expectations. You should keep your promises and also deliver the goods.
  • 8.   You should be very cautious if you are considering buying an opt-in email list. There are numerous companies selling opt-in email lists but you have to weigh the benefits of doing so before jumping into the fray. It’s most likely that such emails will be just not opened or considered spam by the receiver.

However, it is also likely that many of the email addresses that you have on your list might be submitted against the concerned people’s wishes or inadvertently. Hence a system which cross- checks with the recipient if he has indeed opted for this has been developed. It’s called double opt-in.

Whether you are a lawyer or a doctor, an accountant or a fashion designer, your clientele depends on trust and quality. What can you do to retain your opt-in email list? Earn their trust. Deliver the goods. Be clear, concise and simple. No false promises in your emails. Opt-in emails make a major contribution towards practice marketing so it is imperative that it is done with ethics and integrity.

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