July 27, 2021

Practice Marketing – Generate Business for your Practice through AdWords

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The aim of your practice marketing is obviously to build your practice by attracting more patients. While yellow pages, television, and newspaper promotions are effective, a sure-fire way to reach your prospects and clients faster is through the Internet. According to a national survey, Internet statistics in America show that 74% of adult population (18 years and older) uses the Internet; 60% adults have broadband service at home; and wireless connections are used 55% adults.

These statistics reinforce the how imperative Internet marketing is for your practice.
While there are many Internet promotion methods to build your practice, using AdWords as part of your practice marketing strategy is one of the most effective and quickest ways to reach your target audience. A competent AdWords program can create deep brand awareness and drive highly targeted traffic to your dental website.

Understanding AdWords Promotion

AdWords is a form of product/service promotion method from Google. To promote your practice, you need to purchase AdWords keywords. These are specific words reflective of your sale focus and used in general by your target audience to search for such services. For example, if it is your ‘teeth whitening’ service that you want to promote, you need to choose words and phrases that your audience uses to search for this service. If you are providing this service only for a specific audience, say people in a particular location or for children, use keywords that relay this information too. This will fetch you highly targeted audience.

When a user searches Google using these keywords, your advert gets displayed on the right hand side of the search result page as ‘sponsored links’. Your adverts may also be displayed on
the top of the search results. If someone clicks your advert, you pay Google a pre-agreed amount (PPC/Pay-per-Click), whether or not the click converts into a client for you.

Advantages of Practice Marketing through AdWords

  • Vast Exposure – Since Google is used by billions of people to search for general or specific information, you advertise your practice to a huge audience across the world, or a local audience, as per the needs of your practice.
  • Targeted Reach – A huge number of website visitors does not help if they are not really your targeted customers. Since AdWords practice marketing focuses on keyword-based adverts, it brings in your target customers.
  • Faster Results – Contrary to traditional Internet advertising methods, AdWords promotion gives you quicker results. Since your advert appears for a specific keyword, awareness creation is instant. The time and efforts required to realize the promotion are also lesser. You need to select your ideal keyword and create an appealing advert around it, and you are all set to put your ad.
  • Cost Control – The cost control is in your hands. It is you who decides how high or how low to pay for the keywords. Moreover, you only pay for the clicks your advert generates.

AdWords is an essential tool for your practice marketing. The inherent benefits are powerful and can help you realize your marketing objectives effectively.

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