June 16, 2021

5 Simple Steps Toward Writing Better Web Copy

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Make no mistake, we can get as excited as want about this or that web metric or conversion tool, but content remains king when it comes to medical practice marketing. All the web traffic and design overhauls in the world won’t amount to much if you don’t have the kind of content your visitors are looking for when arrive.

Writing great web copy doesn’t need to feel like pulling teeth.

Incorporate the following five steps into your writing sessions, and you’ll be well on your way to trimming the fat off your copy while giving your audience the meat they’re looking for.

  1. Get the Headline Right – In a nutshell, your headline needs to look like it’s exactly what your readers have been looking for the moment they read it. Certain elements like numbered lists, percentages and questions have been proven to create more clickable headlines than others. Avoid cutsey or clever headlines that are more likely to confuse than entice your readers.
  2. What’s in It for Me? – When you visit a dentist’s website, are you interested in reading about the team behind the practice or how they’re going to fix your teeth? Keep we-we language on your site to a bare minimum, and let your potential clients know what’s in it for them.
  3. Trim it Down – Your typical web user has an ever-dwindling short attention span with 6th to 8th grade reading level to match. They’re not dull-witted: they’re struggling from the same information overload we all are. Trim down your copy so that it conveys the necessary information, mental images and call to action, nothing more.
  4. Add Some Sizzle – Learn the difference between active and passive voice, and stick to the former as often as you can. Start replacing descriptive adjectives and adverbs with imperative verbs, and you’ll create more engaging copy.
  5. Use a Scannable Format – Pages packed with five or six thick paragraphs of text and not much else are too imposing for most casuals readers. Break up your copy with subheadings, images and bulleted or numbered lists so visitors can find the tips, info and direction they need in easily digestible chunks.

Suggested Exercise:

Find a good candidate for editing amongst your existing medical practice marketing copy like an old blog post or your About Us page. If you’ve got a lot to choose from, look for a piece that you’ve always felt uncomfortable about. Put this content through the ringer using the five steps we discussed and see if you can create something that really pops.


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